What is this, and Who are you?

“The test of the machine is in the satisfaction it gives you.” – Robert M. Pirsig , Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

This is the relationship between a website and its users. Of course, Pirsig’s machine is a motorcycle, not a computer, and he only needs to worry about his own satisfaction with the machine, not countless persons he has never, and likely will never meet.

One of the greatest challenges in web development and design is anticipating the needs and expectations of your users, and have that reflected in the design and functionality of your site. Intuitive navigation, layout, typography, and effective use of media (video, audio, etc), all influence the level of satisfaction experienced by your users.

Broadly, this blog is about web design and development trends emerging in 2017. The following three blogs however will be focused on user experience (UX) and user interaction (UI) design. Some topics you can expect to see include Failure Mapping, the continued importance of Mobile First and Responsive Web Design, and trends in typography.


Why I’m Here…

I’ve decided to write a blog and focus the content on UX and UI Design and how it relates to current web design trends because it is what I am interested in. How users use your site, figuring out what is important to them, and making that content easy to locate and understand are very important factors in creating a successful site.  If a web site has low traffic, or visitors leave the site quickly, there are many questions that need to be asked before we can ask ‘why?’. Who are your users (age, geographic location)? How are they looking at your site (mobile, laptop, desktop)? What are they looking for (contact information, location, menu)?

The other reason I have chosen to focus my blog in this way is because as a student nearing the end of my program, I’ve decided that I want to pursue UX and UI Design as a career. My hope is that by writing about, and therefore researching these topics, I will gain greater understanding of the field and become more proficient in the ‘language’ of this area of web development.

I hope too that any readers of this blog will provide feedback that I can use to deepen my learning, or give corrections where necessary. I would like these entries to be both accurate and accessible to those who may not be familiar with the content.

Of course, I hope you enjoy reading it too!


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